SWB vs LWB – What’s the difference?

Custom Design Campervans

To expand on that a bit; the wheel-base is the distance between the centre point of the front wheels and the centre point of the rear wheels. This is completely different to the length of the vehicle. The length of a vehicle is the distance between the front and rear points of the vehicle.So, when you are looking for your perfect campervan, you may find yourself wondering does size really matter?  We have explored some pros and cons below: Benefits of SWB:More suited to narrow streets which out in the country and by the coast are plentiful. Less likely to get stuck whilst off roading or on rocky terrain. 

Us campervan enthusiasts do like to go off the beaten track – a SWB is a safer option here. Much better turning circle for doing three-point turns.  Following sat navs can sometimes lead too us ending up at the wrong place!Often cited as being more fun to drive and having a sporty feel.Overall are smaller so less expensive to convert Benefits of LWB:More space inside for a larger bed/bigger kitchen. Also, more locker/storage space.  More storage is a huge pro – especially if you are travelling as a family. Smoother ride due to greater time between front and rear wheels hitting bumps.  When travelling long distances, a more comfortable ride would be a great plus. Less sporty feel in the drive means you tend to use a lighter foot and often leads to better fuel consumptionAs you can see there are pro’s to both – so essentially it comes down to personal choice. 

We think that both bases can work with an experienced conversion team.  If you would like more information on base vehicles, please get in touch today. Follow us on Facebook @customdesigncampervansVisit us in person: Tib Hall Farm, Foul End Lane, Atherstone, CV9 2JNEmail us: info@customdesigncampervans.co.uk