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Are you looking for a unique style of camper van build suited to your exact requirements? You have loads of options available to you with us here at Custom Design Campervans. We always want to show your individual character and fulfil every one of your needs through our custom camper van builds.

We can convert your own van, or we can provide you with a donor van.  We can also just help you with part of the conversion process e.g. poptop roof fitting, windows or electrics.

As a family team of camper van enthusiasts, we strive to learn about your needs as much as possible to fully meet (and supersede) your expectations.  With so much choice available you may not even be sure what it is you want until you see it.  Below we have added some photos of our most popular conversions to provide a little Campervan Inspiration. You can also view our custom design catalogue here.

Orange Inspiration

Green Inspiration

Bronze Inspiration

Silver Inspiration

Midnight Blue Inspiration

Two Tone Grey Inspiration

Grape Yellow Inspiration

Yellow Inspiration

Red Inspiration

White Inspiration

Grey Inspiration

Black Inspiration

Blackberry Inspiration

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