Campervan Travel Tips for Families

Custom Design Campervans

A great way to make lasting memories with the family is through exploring with your camper. Travelling with your family can be both exciting and challenging. Here are our top tips for a smooth and enjoyable campervan journey with your loved ones.


Letting your children in with the planning process can make the trip more exciting for them and help ensure everyone has a good time. Here’s how:

  • Destination Ideas: Let your kids suggest places they want to visit or activities they’re interested in.
  • Packing List: Create a packing list together to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Trip Rules: Discuss and agree on rules for the trip to set expectations.

Choose Family-Friendly Campervans

Select a campervan that suits your family’s needs. Consider:

  • Space: Ensure there’s enough room for everyone to sleep and relax comfortably.
  • Amenities: Look for vans with family-friendly features like kitchen facilities, and entertainment options.
  • Safety: Choose a van with child-friendly safety features, such as secure seatbelts and childproof locks.
  • Even better… get a customer van made to exactly suit your family and their needs from Customer Design Campers!

Plan Activities for Everyone

Keep everyone entertained and happy with a mix of activities:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Plan hikes, beach days, and visits to national parks.
  • Education: Visit museums, historical sites, and nature reserves to make the trip educational.
  • Games: Pack board games, cards, etc, for a chilled time in the van.

Create a Flexible Schedule

While it’s good to have a plan, flexibility is key when traveling with family. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Frequent Stops: Plan for regular breaks to stretch, eat, and explore.
  • Downtime: Allow time for relaxation… grab a glass of wine and wind down!
  • Backup Plans: Have alternative activities or destinations in case of bad weather or other unexpected changes.

Pack Smart

Efficient packing can make a big difference. Here’s what to include:

  • Clothing: Pack layers to accommodate changing weather conditions.
  • Snacks: Bring plenty of healthy snacks to keep everyone satisfied between meals.
  • First Aid Kit: Be prepared for minor injuries with a well-stocked first aid kit.
  • Entertainment: Include books, tablets, and portable chargers to keep kids entertained during long drives.

Family Bonding

  • Storytelling: Share stories or listen to audiobooks together.
  • Music: Create a family playlist and have fun singing along.
  • Cooking Together: Involve everyone in meal preparation and cooking.