Which Doors Should I Choose?! Barn Doors or Tailgate… Choosing The Right Back Door For Your VW Campervan!

Custom Design Campervans

When it comes to transforming your VW van into the ultimate campervan, one of the crucial
decisions you’ll face is selecting the type of back door. Essentially, it’s about how you want
your van to open up to the world. There are two main options: The Barn Door or Tailgates.

Let’s dive into the options:

Starting with the Barn Doors; These are a staple feature for medium and large panel vans.
Here are some reasons why they might be the right choice for you:

Versatility: For those using their van for work, Barn Doors offer added flexibility.
Need to carry oversized materials? Simply close one door and leave the other open,
with the number plate displayed on the shut door – it’s legal and practical.
Convenience while travelling: When travelling in your VW Campervan, Barn Doors
make unloading much easier. Open one door to secure half your items, then unload
from the other door without the risk of everything tumbling out.
Ease of Loading: With Barn Doors, loading pallets via forklift is much simpler. There
are no height restrictions and much more efficient to load.
Space Efficiency: Unlike Tailgates, Barn Doors require less room behind the vehicle to
access the rear of the van. No need to worry about clearance issues in tight spaces
like multi-story car parks.


Tailgates, on the other hand, offer their own set of advantages:

Better visibility: Enjoy a clearer view out the back with a Tailgate, as there’s no
central pillar obstructing your sightline. Plus, many Tailgates come equipped with
wipers for added convenience.
Shelter from the elements: Need to take cover from the rain? A Tailgate provides
instant shelter, making it a handy feature for outdoor enthusiasts.
Quick access: When the weather turns nasty, the twin doors of a Tailgate allow for
swift access to your gear without getting drenched.
Reduced risk of damage: Tailgates are less prone to getting bumped compared to
Barn Doors, as they lift up and out of the way. Essentially, this means less scratches
and dents caused by swinging doors.

Ultimately, the choice between Barn Doors and Tailgates boils down to your specific needs
and preferences. We recommend trying out both types of VW Campervans before making a
decision. Getting the van’s specifications right is crucial for designing your perfect VW
Camper van, so take your time and explore all your options.

At Custom Design Campervans, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether
you’re leaning towards Barn Doors or favouring a Tailgate, we have a wide selection of VW
Campervans to suit your needs. Visit us today and start your journey towards customizing
the campervan of your dreams!