How to Be a Digital Nomad in Your VW Campervan

Custom Design Campervans

We are seeing more and more people embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, and why not? Living and
working from your VW camper offers both freedom and adventure. Here’s how to transform your
campervan into a mobile office and live the digital nomad dream!

Choose the Right Campervan

Select a van that suits your needs. Ensure it has enough space for living and working, reliable power
supply (consider solar panels), and essential comforts like a bed, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.
Models like the VW California are versatile and well-suited for this lifestyle.

Set Up Your Mobile Office

Create a functional workspace with a stable internet connection by investing in a reliable mobile hotspot. A foldable desk and ergonomic chair will make your work hours a lot more comfortable.
Use portable power stations and solar panels to keep your devices charged.

Stay Connected

Working remotely make communicating harder as you aren’t face to face. Utilise online tools e.g.
Slack, Zoom, Trello, Teams, etc, to stay connected with your team. Have backup internet options and
schedule regular check-ins to ensure you’re always reachable.

Manage Your Lifestyle

Balance work and travel by establishing a daily routine with dedicated work hours and leisure time.
Prioritise healthy living through exercise, good eating/nutrition, and sleep. Plan your travels to
explore local attractions during off-peak hours.

Essential Gear

Make sure to invest in a portable Wi-Fi router, noise-cancelling headphones, and smart storage
solutions to keep your space organised. These tools will help you be as efficient as possible.

Financial and Legal Considerations

Plan for your financial and legal needs by using online banking services and obtaining comprehensive
van and health insurance. Research visa requirements and work permits for the countries you plan
to visit to ensure smooth travels.

Community and Networking

Stay connected with fellow nomads by joining online forums and social media groups. Attend digital
nomad meetups and events in the areas you visit to network and share experiences.

Living and working from a VW campervan as a digital nomad combines a fulfilling career with the
adventure of a lifetime. By planning and equipping your van properly, staying connected, and
balancing work with travel, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you need help customising your
van and getting ready for the road you know where we are!