What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing The Perfect Camper!

Custom Design Campervans

Investing in a VW camper van can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour, however it’s
important to do your research and consider several factors before making a decision on
which camper is perfect for you and your needs. Here’s what you need to know:

Budget: First and foremost, determine your budget for purchasing a VW camper van.
Consider not only the initial purchase price but also ongoing expenses such as maintenance,
insurance, and fuel costs.

Type of campervan: VW camper vans come in various models and configurations, each
offering different features and amenities. Decide whether you prefer a classic model like the
iconic Volkswagen Type 2 (T1, T2, T3, T4, or T5) or a modern version like the Volkswagen
California. Consider factors such as size, layout, and driving capabilities to determine the
best fit for your needs.

Condition: When purchasing a used VW camper van, thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s
condition before making a decision. Look for signs of rust, mechanical issues, and water
damage, especially in older models. Consider having a professional mechanic conduct a pre-
purchase inspection to identify any potential problems. At Custom Design Campervan, we
are always on hand to offer advice and transparency around the condition of campers etc so
feel free to ask!

Maintenance and repairs: Like any vehicle, VW camper vans require regular maintenance
and occasional repairs to keep them running smoothly. Research the availability of parts and
service providers in your area, especially if you’re considering purchasing an older model.
Budget for routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake
inspections to ensure the longevity of your campervan.

Customisation options: One of the appeals of owning a VW camper van is the ability to
customise it to fit your unique needs and preferences. Research aftermarket accessories
and modification options such as pop-top roofs, interior layouts, and camping gear storage
solutions. Let us know if you have any questions around customising your camper!

Insurance and registration: Before hitting the road in your VW camper van, make sure you
have adequate insurance coverage and registration for your vehicle. Shop around for
insurance quotes from reputable providers and consider factors such as coverage limits,
deductibles, and roadside assistance options. Check with your local DMV or licensing
authority to ensure you have the proper registration and documentation for your campervan.

Community and resources: Joining online forums, social media groups, and local VW
enthusiast clubs can be invaluable resources for VW campervan owners. Connect with
fellow enthusiasts to share tips, advice, and experiences, and tap into a wealth of
knowledge and support within the community.

By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can make an informed
decision and ensure that investing in a VW campervan is a rewarding and enjoyable